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Reallocation of the labor market in a society depends on its level of development, and therefore the opportunities that this opens. Today, thanks to the Internet society has become radically open to new solutions and styles, that's why employment in the field of cutting and sewing is growing. Ukrainian Fashion School Fashion Workshop gives an opportunity to its listeners to realize themselves in a different industry, attending - the technique of creating textiles from colorful scraps of fabric.

Mosaic art

Quite often, the patchwork is considered an opportunity to give new life to old, worn-out things, combining them in a common composition. Most often, this technique is associated with various blankets, bedspreads, because that is how this term is translated from the English language. However, this does not mean that the patchwork or the quilting takes its beginning on the shores of Albion. Such equipment, which meant the connection between pieces of fabric in a single quilt, there are around the world, including in Ukraine.

Assembly of songs is increasing from small basic parts to a larger host element. Pre-created shared mosaic pattern, which are formed of the workpiece. Of course, take account of allowances for sewing, but they depend on the material used for the canvas.

Not so bad...

School and courses patchwork today operate worldwide, and they have long brought it to the level of art. Annual international exhibition, the most complicated and beautiful work, as well as the elite status of products once again confirm this. Against this background, there may be a mistaken belief that quilting is a lot of super professionals.

Workshop Mods thinks otherwise, because a huge number of patchworkers actually become so, being far from cutting and sewing people. Everything you need to start training is a commitment and at least basic skills with a sewing equipment. Our team highly recommends this course in the following cases:

  • parallel training in tailoring, sewing, fashion design;
  • the
  • the professional category of tailor and the desire to expand their knowledge and technical skills;
  • the
  • lack of sewing training, but developed creative abilities and desire to create exclusive textiles.


conveniently located courses of patchwork in Kiev from a Workshop Fashion , each student will be able to master this technique. As a result of training to develop the skills of working with the tool, the knowledge required for combining mosaic, calculation and preparation of its separate elements, as well as quick and quality Assembly. In addition, each student receives a certificate after completing graduate work, and an opportunity to develop further their aspirations in private.

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