License MOE: who needs it?

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Fire license (the same license for installation of fire alarm systems, license of the Ministry of emergency situations) need to firms that operate in the field of fire safety of various structures and buildings. In this area there are a number of varieties of work for which you need . Conventionally, these works can be divided into four groups:

  • the Installation of fire barriers and screens, fire protection products and materials. These works include the installation of fire veils and doors, as well as processing of surfaces of various means of protection against fire;
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of the systems of fire safety (fire alarm, warning systems and evacuation, fire protection systems, etc.). We are talking about different systems of evacuation and alerts and the system in which the possible suppression, localization, and prevention of fire;
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of primary fire extinguishing means. This category of assets include fire hydrants and fire extinguishers, shields with primitive equipment against fire, etc.;
  • Pipe furnace and chimney work, i.e. their insulation, installation, repair, cleaning, coating, etc.

License MOE: what does it offer?

Main "+" the availability of fire safety license is the ability to carry out activities of a purely private company in the legal field. By the way, works subject to licensing without a license MOE threatens the offender an administrative fine and problems with its partners. Fire license is a confirmation of the maturity and status of the company and the guarantor for the customer.

fire safety is a mandatory requirement to all the crowded places, structures and buildings. It's a constantly growing, very promising and large-scale market. Fire license enables its owner to perform all work on fire protection, as a result, seriously extends the range of its services.

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