Surveying the land: What you need to know?

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Today we will talk about what you need to know the owner of the land to conduct a survey + what about this procedure, you must know its customers and will tell us about this employee "Partners":, which can be directly ordered .

land Surveying is the process of determining the size (area) of the land and its boundaries. In order to dispose of his land without any limitation, the owners need to get boundary the plan and making necessary changes in the unified state register of real estate (egrn).

Survey: Why is it necessary?

Those people who are going to sell their land, it is necessary to remember it in time survey is an excellent opportunity to make a deal on more favorable terms, to boot a lot faster. In addition, having the extract from the egrn with all necessary information, as well as the landmark plan, the owner of the site will be able to give it or rent it.

And, on the other hand, the time without thinking about surveying plan, as well as recording the data on the boundaries of the egrn, at the conclusion of the transaction on its sale, you may get problems even if you have a certificate of ownership (PCA).

in addition, surveying is necessary in the case when between neighbors arose disputes over the boundaries of their plots. As a result, they have no idea where to put the fence, so as not to pick up the extra from a neighbor, or, conversely, not to lose a part of their own land.

Procedure surveying: What documents are needed?

in Order to carry out this procedure, initially it is necessary to collect documents. You will need:

  • cadastral passport (if, of course, is);
  • the
  • notary power of attorney passport;
  • the plan of the land plot, which provided data on the size, boundaries, and area address (if available); the

  • ATP.

a contract for the carrying out of works on land is directly on the spot. The owner mandatory is obliged to show a certificate of inheritance / ownership, or a contract of donation / sale.

land Survey: What you need to know about it to the buyer?

when Buying land it is better to ensure that the site already has a landmark plan and set limits. This, in turn, will give you the opportunity to see it on the public cadastral map, and also to understand what are its exact parameters and where it is. Conversely, buying a plot of land without a survey plan, you risk to buy a "pig in a poke."

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