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Everyone is finding that style of music which he is closest and most like. Today we will talk about a special style is rap. You will learn about the advantages of this type of music and some important points that you need to know every fan of this music and rasskaze us this was the chief editor of the site there is no directly can be streamed .


"+" rap music:

  • Instrumentalism, which you hear in the rap, can accommodates sounds of different instruments in music and be well regarded as among themselves. By the way, you can also hear the sounds you don't recognize any one other musical instrument. This combination creates unique instrumentals, which are considered to be not only harmonious, but also help to create masterpieces;
  • the Scope and meaning of the lyrics in rap are huge. This means that here you will not hear empty losses, but instead they constantly hear the text. This gives you the opportunity to tell you more about the topic of the track, which is not really to do in other songs, where 1 verse is about 3-7 lines;
  • a Good look at those people who are considered the bearers of hip-hop culture. Their clothing gives you the opportunity to Express and show to which subculture they belong. By the way, this applies not only men but also women, where their clothing does not spoil their appearance. No one should show their beauty to all;

Have the opportunity to do joint training, to be in completely different cities recorded at various studios, throwing acapellas.


What is important to know more about rap music?

in Any case it is not necessary to name examples of rap artists, which so often tells you a newspaper or a radio. Those musicians to become known, was crippled by this culture so that their songs has in no way can be called rap. It's not the music that composes of MS is not known. This is only a complete Commerce, for which they receive good money. And these performers are propagated bad opinion about this style of music in society.

Also never align rap and RnB. It's completely different styles in music. This is the same as to compare Heavy metal and Chanson, when the guitar styles are present, but they are not close to each other. The same goes for NLR, when using the same tools as in the rap, it means nothing.

Remember that rap has appeared recently in comparison with other styles of music. And regular listeners yet little. But this is only the beginning, only the development.

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