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If you believe the statistics or simply refer to a logical reasoning, it turns out that the average person sleeps for almost a third of his life. During this time the body has time to restore the supply of internal energy and how to prepare for the coming day. Speaking about little children, the body which is actively developing, we have to admit that while awake they and even reaches half of the day. Naturally, in such circumstances, the quality of mattress directly affects the quality of rest and health in General, but especially his spine. Next we will talk about which products to prefer and why you need to pay attention to .


With springs or without them?

the Market of mattresses mostly focused on adult audience. That is why this part is represented mainly by spring models. In more simple and cheap use dependent or joint blocks, which are unlikely to have sufficient orthopedic effect. In models with separate springs, this problem is eliminated as there is an opportunity to create a kind of independent matrices: each spring is responsible for its part of the body, which allows the overall structure to maintain the ideal position of the spine.

Speaking about the body of a small child, we have to admit that even the block of independent springs unable to adequately cope with the task. Diameter of spring combines perfectly with the body proportions of an adult, while in children it won't have the desired effect. To create the effects of a variety of springs, you must either make them smaller or use other technologies such as polymer springless filler. Analyzing this point I come to the conclusion that the first option is hardly feasible on techno-economic considerations. But either polymer fibre layer will create soft (with sufficient for growing stiffness) support.

in addition, springless mattress is more practical and durable - hardly spring models will stand as jumps. There are no metal elements that can create static electricity.

Baby mattresses from the company Olympic meet all these criteria. Moreover, they use innovative polymer filler SONNOCEL, which has a unique open porous structure. This allows us to provide excellent thermoregulation of the body, supplying oxygen and removal of excess moisture - all you need for healthy sleep.

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