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How to find yourself in design?

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In the yard a long time ago not restructuring and dashing the nineties . Around us-full of large stores and small boutiques where you can pick up an outfit for any taste and color. But such a variety of clothing does not determine its quality, uniqueness and stylishness. If you live in a disagreement with the stereotyped, have the necessary desire and skills to create their own outfits, then you direct road to courses fashion design from the First Ukrainian Fashin School, learn more about which available on the link .

Vocation and training

Some creative vein is present in every person, but nevertheless a part of society goes with the flow, not wanting to deviate from the crowd in terms of choice of clothes, style, etc. it is too difficult to imagine what it will turn out a little bit successful designer clothes. The other part of society, not a popular, but certainly with your unbiased opinion in relation to everything going on around more interesting. These people have innovative thinking, a thirst for creativity and desire to stand out from the gray mass with its unique bows. They can become successful, and their work eventually sold and recognizable as Christian Dior, Versace, Armani, Prada, Gucci, etc.

However, one, as they say, vocation is not enough to achieve similar or at least close to them heights. A great designer can't draw flowers or trim trousers, hoping that he would understand and accept as Pablo Picasso. For starters, it requires preparation and full realization that the world of design is not just a figment of your imagination, even the most talented. Here also there are rules, laws and laws that determine to be a particular collection or model clothes successful, popular, or sink into Oblivion, not even being noticed by the audience.


to Combine talent and training to help professional designers, stylists, educators and managers of faculty with years of experience: Serge Smolin, Hope Kudryavtseva, Marina Voronina, Olga Mamchych and others. The mutual opinion of the whole teaching staff is the desire to make their wards in some kind of universal soldiers of the world of fashion. A great specialist simply must be able to draw, to deal in the clothing industry, to know the history of the arts and have skills of the Manager, marketing.

In this Department the classes are structured in such a way that classroom instruction in harmony with the road. Students actively visit museums, galleries, exhibitions, and production workshops of famous luminaries of fashion. In addition, part of the time spent on independent work that, in principle, obviously, because the final score depends on how professionally prepared portfolio and a demonstration collection.

Naturally, in order to succeed in the modern world of fashion, talent alone is not enough. So any graduate will be able to handle business categories to choose the right line of work, to set tasks for myself and staff. Proof of the high level of training is the diploma of entry qualifications and subjects.

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