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Today, all and Sundry take fashion design, but succeed and realize themselves in the profession not many. An even smaller audience is able to fully cover not only the process of creating new images, but the process of their manufacture. And if the designer may not always be popular, then a professional tailor or seamstress certainly will tear off with hands and feet. In order to master this profession, you need to visit courses of cutting and sewing (information is available at the link ), organized by Fashion Workshop Professional.


what is special about your profession?

Can be arbitrarily talented artist and designer, to create stunning paper bows, but when it comes to the practical implementation of ideas, need more design and sewing skills. The finished outfit initial sketches and plans depends largely on how accurate were the calculations of the material, cutting the billet, and also implemented the process of filing.

Proper selection of threads, sewing, connect together the individual parts or their parts requires some training and regular practice. Having such skills, not only to implement the ideas of others, but also to create your own style and wardrobe.


Our approach

sewing, which are held at the school, preparing modern specialists, able to respond adequately to the existing challenges. The level of knowledge and skills after graduation is sufficient to be able to freely cut and sew clothing of any complexity, including geometry, materials, individual characteristics. Of course, teachers shall make every effort to instill in the students knowledge in the field of construction which will considerably facilitate the professional dialogue.

in addition, in the training program are read adjacent to the future activity of the discipline, which definitely allows to make the listener upscale, full-range specialist. Analyzing the learning process it should be noted that its practical component takes up almost 80% of the time.
areas of training

the General concept of the work of the seamstresses exist in most societies and I must admit that it by no means expresses the personality of the future specialist. For this he will have to listen to the following courses:


    Materials and components. Discusses the characteristics and features of different types of tissues;

    Design-model class. Includes the study of sewing machines, anthropometric characteristics of the person in the context of the manufacture and use of various items of clothing; the

  • specific material. Several parallel courses, which allow to study in more detail the features of the sewing processing of leather, knitwear, underwear;
  • Style. Basics of visual perception of shapes and colors of the clothing;


After a training course in the direction of cutting and sewing, the student will have to prove their skills by providing a General overview of created things. If all conditions are met, the student is provided with official diploma confirming the completion of the task.

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