Undeniable advantages of glazed tiles-the key to its relevance

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tile is the most ancient representative in the market of finishing materials, survived the centuries. not reduced the alternative to it was never found, and all the efforts of developers and ceramic craftsmen were aimed at improving this amazing in all respects element of a decor of walls and floors.

it is Worth mentioning that this finishing material is made of two main components of clay and sand. Tile has an additional decorative layer. While there are several varieties of the cladding material, which differ in the principle of manufacture and appearance.

Pretty popular casting, when each one results in a separate form. Such work is laborious and time-consuming, and the quality does not possess edges remain smooth enough to count on a perfect surface. Another method of manufacturing extrusion, when the layer-the basis is cut on special equipment. And when pressed using special presses high pressure, which enables to obtain a sufficiently dense structure of the ceramic product.

the Future of the product is baked so improve its quality of operation. Decor cladding can be made of natural materials mimic the texture of natural stone, marble, expensive wood structure. Ceramic tile perform in a variety of colors, they can have completely different structure and shape. If earlier the Soviet industry churned faceless rectangular and square options, are now produced round tiles and even asymmetric forms.

Before you buy tile, it is important first to understand the need to focus not so much on cost as on her destiny. All ceramic products are designed for cladding for walls and floors. The first is thick enough, and the second more stable and durable it must withstand loads and be resistant to wear.

For the walls is preferable to choose a smooth veneer and the floor is raised so it will not slide and will be less traumatic.

to Purchase a tile in Moscow unproblematic due to its excellent performance characteristics, it is in demand. A selection of this lining product can be found in specialized hypermarkets and Internet stores. This decorative material is used for lining interior and exterior walls, sidewalks and floors in indoor and outdoor spaces.

to Meet the tile in Moscow in homes, offices, shopping malls, public places. Also it is decorated country cottages and villas ceramics found in most interiors.

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