What are the training courses for future parents?

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There is a belief that childbirth is very painful. While experienced intense fear released adrenaline-like hormones, causing a decrease in pain threshold, and muscle tension (causing the pain is worse). Therefore, if a person is confident in their own abilities, he will know exactly what to do, that childbirth was easy then and the birth of the baby will be a lot easier for both the mother and the baby.

yield positive mental attitude, get rid of the fear just before by the birth, to learn about the waiting period, the child will learn to behave in childbirth, learn how to care for a newborn, what to do in the postpartum period.

In the classroom you can learn how to breathe directly in childbirth, so the baby received enough oxygen because the baby's trying to leave the belly of the mother is also working, and in order to help him pass through the birth canal faster, you must do special. gymnastics, which aims at the development of generic postures, muscle strengthening, prevention of fractures.

Core value of all exercises is that they help the expectant mother throughout pregnancy be in excellent physical shape, learn to breathe and relax, which in turn is important in childbirth and makes it possible to enter the tone directly after the birth and easing pregnancy. In addition to classes you can obtain information about all issues that interest you (conception, childbirth, fetal baby development, newborn care, aspects of the psychological state of mothers, and pregnant women).

there is Also the opportunity to prepare for family leave. In support directly within childbirth with expectant parents can go to the midwife, can help to choose a painless position, and also to tell you how to breathe correctly in a specific moment of delivery, the anesthetic will make massage, will tell to the husband than he can help at some point and will help to make the newborn to a breast.

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