Development of the website: how does it happen?

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is a difficult process and, often, it consists of several stages which we will tell the employee of the Kiev web Studio Studio Ower.


problem Statement

before you begin developing a web site, it is necessary to define the goals and objectives of the designed website. Depending on this, determines the type and structure of the website. For example:

  • websites CMS;
  • website-business card;
  • website-directory;
  • flash website;
  • online store.

is Denoted by target audience

you Need to determine how often the navigation, style, content of the website will be updated.


graphic design

At this stage, create a layout design that takes into account the logo and corporate style of the company. Key requirements which follow directly when the design is to ensure the optimal speed of loading web pages, work with website and the stylish, memorable, exclusive graphics.


HTML coding

HTML coding of the pages. Coder of code converts the layout of the website so that he can work on the Internet. The choice of optimal code for images, and pages directly affects fast download and easy registration in famous search engines.


Web programming

Relevant and current web site is not merely an online representation of the company, with it, you can work directly with visitors to your web site to share important information and to process orders.



a Detailed check of the quality and performance of the website in different conditions, running in different browsers (Chrome, IE, Opera, FF, Safari) and OS (Unix and Windows). Checking the references of all sections of the web site, the correct displaying of images, etc. the Correction of any error (software or grammatical) in the testing process.



selecting a hosting (space to host your web site in the global web). Selection and registration of the domain name (web site). As well as direct the placement web site on the Internet.

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