The main "+" and "-" light-emitting diode (LED) lamps


What are LED bulbs? Practically this is the most common bulb, but with a huge amount of LEDs inside a semiconductor crystal on the optical system and the substrate.

the Led or LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamp is called a semiconductor device, distorting the voltage directly at the light. The spectral range of light that is emitted depends on the chemical. the composition of the semiconductor.

Due to the fact that the high intensity led lamps became available only in recent years, the use of LED technology for lighting industrial facilities is a relatively new phenomenon.


Main "+" LED bulb:

  • Low power consumption when compared with ordinary lighting. LED lamp requires only 10 watts to illuminate the room stavatti is equivalent to incandescent lamp;
  • No UV radiation. Conventional lighting has a UV component, which can damage eye tissues;
  • Long life. The majority of manufacturers of LED lamps indicate that they are able to work 40 tees. 50 tis. hours. So if you are going to use it daily for 5 hours, the led light bulb will last 10 years;
  • Environmental safety. In LED lights there is no mercury in energy-saving equivalents;
  • impact;
  • a Small weight;
  • the Instant warm-up (it takes 1 sec).

Main "-" LED lamps:

  • Very high price;
  • Some users say that the LED bulbs have a very unpleasant spectrum of light and is considered unacceptable, their use in luminaires directly to read literature or some other hard work. However here it is necessary to consider the fact that many of these people most likely used the old led bulbs. Today technology is evolving and the light is new led lamps will become much better than before (you can verify this by purchasing the modern LED bulb in one of the specialized shops);
  • Due to the mass exploitation of energy-saving lamps, the state suffers and the company, as they receive less profit. As a result, they often raise the cost of electricity.

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