The dangerous effects of obesity

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it's No secret that excess weight is very harmful to human health. Numerous scientific studies confirm that obesity is becoming a cause of various diseases. Therefore, overweight must fight, not just to look slimmer, but also to extend its life, such as to buy every day to run.

What is dangerous excess weight?

1. Depression.

Depression often affects overweight people. They seize the depression and recover, and again fall into it, because you can't lose weight. It is a vicious circle. Subsequently suffer not only the mind but also the endocrine system.

2. Apnea.

people who are overweight, often there are cases of apnea, when breathing during sleep is interrupted. The cessation of the respiratory movements may be delayed for 20-30 seconds. The reason for this may be the large size of the neck caused by obesity.

3. The decrease in mental activity.

it is believed that excess weight may trigger Alzheimer's disease. The fact that obesity is bad blood begins to enter the brain, and develops dementia. To avoid this, you should do special exercises and to improve nutrition.

4. Hypertension.

Many people complain of high blood pressure, and this in turn affects the functioning of the heart and kidneys. As a complication, may occur a stroke.

5. Asthma.

Excessive obesity affects the complications of acute respiratory infections, and even affect the development of asthma. Many people who suffer from excess weight, do not tolerate drugs, which complicates the treatment of respiratory diseases and their complications.

6. Cancer.

Often, obesity affects the development of some cancers: esophageal, breast, thyroid, kidney.

the Problem is that the tumor is overweight it is harder to detect than with an average body type.

7. Infertility.

women with excess weight infertility becomes polycystic ovaries, and in men low sperm count. In people with normal weight, such problems are much rarer.

8. Ear infections.

people who are overweight, especially in children, often there is inflammation of the middle ear.

9. Problems with the oral cavity.

Scientists found that the development of caries and other diseases of the oral cavity is often associated with excess weight. The problem increases the improper diet, digestive problems and poor oral hygiene.

10. Fatty liver disease.

In the liver of obese people accumulate fat cells. This disease, supplemented by a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of developing diabetes.

Knowledge about what a huge harm to the body causing extra weight can be a great motivation to lose weight. Then you can become not only slimmer and prettier, but also to improve your health and even prolong your life.

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