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Holland is not the only country where legalized the sale and use of soft drugs. There are also grown and sectioninput cannabis that allows you to get the best grades and . In our country you can buy them on the virtual trading floor Hohland Seeds.


in our online shop you can buy these seeds is fully legal. Recall that in our country the cultivation, processing and use of cannabis is prohibited by law and the part that is used in the medical industry is tightly controlled. Our seeds supplied in original packaging the most well-known companies of suppliers, for example, Barney's Farm or Dutch Passion. Supported by the right storage conditions, which allows the client to get your hands on fresh produce. We provide various methods of payment and very quick delivery. Moreover, loyal customers are offered discounts and gifts, for example, 16 free pack of seeds.

the Choice

in order to choose the right type of seed, you need to know and understand their characteristics. First of all it concerns the genotype of the plant, which allows to distinguish three main groups:

  1. of an Indica. This is a group of low, lush flowering plants (for 1.5-2 months) in a high yield. These varieties have only a sedative effect, without affecting the substance of the human condition;
  2. the
  3. Sativa. Quite high (in some cases up to 4 m) plants with a flowering period of up to 3 months. The level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) reaches 15%, allowing you to have severe psychoactive effect. The absolute majority of the cannabis varieties belong to this group;
  4. the
  5. Ruderalis. The THC level reaches 25%, so the varieties of this group have a strong psychoactive effect. They are mostly hybrid varieties of the two previous groups, genetically programmed effects avtosvedenie, which makes the plant less picky about the lighting level.

Accordingly, a mild sedative effect have varieties of indica, but when you need a burst of energy - it is better to make a choice in favor sativa or Ruderalis.


Seeds, which supplies the company Hohland Seeds, allow to obtain plants that are used in various spheres of human activity. It is incorrect to identify them exclusively with narcotic action. For example, marijuana is widely used in medicine as analgesic, anticonvulsant, antiepileptic agent, as well as for prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract.

in addition, seeds are used in cosmetics, agriculture, fishing, as a sexual stimulant or nutritional Supplement in the diet of athletes.

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