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Probably the first to say that the main advantage of medicine is a high-quality training of doctors. In this country the profession of doctor is considered prestigious and revered specialists and work with them trying to be serious, as the workflow of qualified doctors is very difficult. Different specialization doctors are learning different number of years and after the internship can already choose their profession. To get the title of a senior doctor must pass certain exams. Can be trained in European countries or in USA, for example, if the direction of gynecology, the training offered to in the field of artificial insemination. Oncologists further study of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Common preparatory time comes to 15 years and only after that the doctor becomes an independent and can earn the reputation in a hospital and start your private activities. Laws and regulations govern the health system of Israel. The law does not limit specialization in one area, however, doctors are engaged only in what are sure and trained.

Special success of the Israeli medicine has achieved in treating cancer. For example, treatment in Israel is much more effective than domestic. This confirms the fact that patients undergoing successful treatment there at a time when domestic experts put a disappointing diagnosis.

benefits of medicine transportation of patients:

  • medicine in Israel can be called social, the law on health insurance, it means that anyone can obtain qualified medical services;
  • all the technological methods and the algorithms are used in the work;
  • there is no language barrier;
  • the climate is the most that neither eat favorable for the patient.

Medicine with high rates, you can read about it in international publications. A huge number of patents visited the clinic for the last time. An endless stream of foreigners coming for treatment in Israel. The state budget finances the treatment, however, approximately 5% will have to pay out of pocket as a tax on medicine . If you want to get to a particular specialist or go through the line, contact the clinic. The clinics offers a one-time payment, or any insurance that covers services. Reception is carried out by one of the four offices of hospitals, similarly, the hospitalization and medical care. However, doctors can accept and private way. It is very important for patients to be reminded of the lack.

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