10 ideas, what to wear with Converse girls


Mega brand Converse is firmly entrenched in the wardrobes of fashionistas. People who want to be always in trend, appreciated is a universal invention of the American brand. Buy sneakers Converse could previously only athletes, as the shoes that created for basketball players. But comfortable shoes are so fond of the youth that they began to include in casual style and release in the original design. Now many people prefer, even for workout sneakers, instead of to buy .

Under what to buy Converse sneakers?

unfortunately, in our country, much less models of Chucks than on the official website of the brand. But with a bright-colored sneakers, you can come up with hundreds of fashionable bows, always look stylish and feel comfortable. Buy Converse shoes for shopping, walking, social parties, romantic dates, sports and even work (if the dress code does not prohibit). But to look at them neat and fashionable, you need to be able to pick up the rest of the wardrobe. So, Converse wear with:

  1. Jeans. Almost all the denim goes well with sneakers. They are harmonious with the fashionable Boyfriends, feminine skinny pants or a conservative straight cut. Way to complement a white t-shirt, denim vest or cropped jacket;
  2. Vest. Especially integrated into the marine theme white models;
  3. Leggings. Buy sneakers Converse to this bow can be any color. Most importantly, choose monochrome, relaxed top: the oversized sweater, tunic or long t-shirt;
  4. Breeches, and shorts. This creates a naughty look, especially if you complement it with the baseball cap and shirt;
  5. Bodycon dresses, short and long skirts, curvy dresses, light tunics. So you can achieve a romantic and stylish image. Only in no case do not wear sneakers with evening gowns, cocktail dresses, or office;
  6. With a black leather skirt look good black chucks;
  7. Denim mini skirt combined with cute white low sneakers. Also, they are good with a lace mini-dress;
  8. to Buy sneakers Converse high sewing can clothing A-line dresses or lightweight Polo;
  9. For cool weather is to use an ensemble of sneakers with an oversized coat, a leather black leather jackets, chunky knit sweaters, cardigans;
  10. Converse with spikes and showy dresses shirts, sweaters and tunics. The image should complement the themed accessories are a bit more brutal style.

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