Treatment of azoospermia

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Advanced techniques and extensive experience in the field of reproductive medicine who have expertise of Austrian centers of Dr Loimer, allow many childless couples hope for the cherished conception of the child. A positive result can be expected even in the most rare and difficult of infertility options. - lack or absence of sperm in the ejaculate, is just one of those cases.

the Types, characteristics, causes of disease

From the point of view of official science azoospermia is the most difficult treatment option of infertility in men. According to who statistics this disease affected only 2% of infertile men. The complexity of the situation is that the seed material is almost or completely worthless even for the procedure of artificial insemination.

there are two main types of azoospermia

  • Obstructive. Spermatogenesis occurs in the testis: germ cells are not produced at all or their number is insufficient for natural fertilization. Recall that according to the who rate the content of sperm is about 60 million cells in a portion of the seminal fluid. This despite the fact that at least half of them should have a linear motion;
  • the
  • non-Obstructive. In this case the cells produced by the testicles, but can't get to the semen because of the obstruction of the deferent ducts.

in addition to these two types there is also the likelihood of concomitant azoospermia, in which spermatogenesis is disrupted, and the path of sperm is blocked.

the Main reasons disease is considered to be genetic disorders, diseases of the genital organs inflammatory type, toxins, lack of vitamins in the body.

treatment Methods

to Solve the problem of infertility in this case, it is possible through IVF or ICSI. But he and the other method require a healthy, active seed. Given its absence in the ejaculate resorted biopsy sperm of appendages (MESA) or testicular tissue (TESE).

All the procedure, usually held on the same day, which allows Austrian professionals to work with completely fresh material.

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