Treatment of asthenozoospermia

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All those men who have ceased to believe in themselves and bowed before a diagnosis of infertility is a direct road to the German clinic VivaNeo where these problems learn to fight very effectively. here is a special place, since statistically more than 40% of all infertile men have problems with a reduction in the number of healthy sperm.

What's this?

According to official data of the who in the ejaculate of a healthy male contains at least 60 million sperm. Such quantity of reproductive cells is enough to conceive a child naturally. Again, statistically this requires up to 8 months of regular sexual intercourse without condoms. If the number of sperm or their motility fall, then the chance of a successful conception is also rapidly reduced.

Among the main reasons for the development of asthenozoospermia can be distinguished:

  • Genetic influence on the morphology of germ cells, their structure;
  • the
  • Agglutination or agglutination of spermatozoa moving in a straight line;
  • the
  • the Presence of pathogens in the ejaculate;
  • the
  • Violation of acid-base balance and composition of the seminal fluid;
  • the
  • the Presence of harmful habits.

depending on the degree of reduction in the concentration of active sperm in the ejaculate, there are three stages of the disease.


Methods of treatment

In terms of clinics VivaNeo have resorted to various methods of treatment of infertility caused by asthenozoospermia. In practice, it all comes down to the methods of artificial fertilization (IVF, ICSI, PICSI, Insemination). Such approaches significantly increase the chances of conceiving, even for complex forms of asthenozoospermia.

the Basic method in Germany is IVF. To conduct pre-fence is seed and egg, which are then connected to the formation of the zygote. Rozvyvsja embryos placed in the uterine cavity. The approach is effective in the early stages of asthenozoospermia.

Methods ICSI and PICSI in some way similar, including on the ECO. Their main feature is the selective approach to the choice of biological material for fertilization.

Insemination is to transport the active sperm to the uterus or the ovary, with subsequent monitoring until pregnancy.

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