Slings-scarves for kids: features and composition


Slings-scarves come in different types. Today we will discuss the details about woven scarves, because they are gaining huge popularity. Due to the presence of transverse and longitudinal threads woven scarves but not stretch, due to the plastic netting, they may extend diagonally and well fit the child, while maintaining a good density of winding, even with a chubby toddler.

For carrying babies one of the good choices will be the use of such slings-scarves directly from tissues of double jacquard and diagonal plexus: with its unique weave, they have a more uniform attraction, as well as a good opportunity point adjustment, and support all parts of the baby's back, his head and most importantly the neck. Also important advantage is that the sling-a scarf will last you much long time, until about 2-3 years toddler. By the way, to find quality you can and on the website:


Structure sling-scarves

According to the composition of a good fabrics for newborn scarf is 100% cotton medium density: they themselves are very soft and can easily withstand small children, while not causing any discomfort mum's back, and also they can simply be used in warm and cold seasons.

To select another composition of the scarf is affected and the time of year when your baby is born. For spring and summer kids good scarves with silk and bamboo, but aspiring Lungomare these sling-scarves may seem very slippery. For the cold season you can choose the scarf, for example, cashmere, Alpaca, Merino.

When we can talk about density of a scarf for a newborn, it is best if you buy it not thick: thin scarf is much softer to wrap up the child, without creating extra folds.

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