Treatment of obstruction of the fallopian tubes

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One of the main causes of female infertility is a growth of connective tissue, physically preventing the movement of eggs into the uterus. one of the key activities of the Stuttgart center for reproductive medicine. You can count on a full range of examinations and procedures that result in successful fertilization.

Causes and symptoms

From the point of view of anatomy, the uterus and ovaries, which develop into egg cells, fallopian connect pipess. They fertilization occurs and embryo transfer to the uterus due to the fluffy structure of the walls. As a result of getting infections are favorable conditions for the formation of adhesions, which create obstacles to the movement of germ cells.

Among the main causes of adhesions include:

  • the effects of surgery in the abdomen;
  • the
  • Gynecological and venereal disease;
  • the
  • Endometriosis.

the Symptoms of this disease are quite different. Most often the disease is accompanied by aching or drawing pains in the abdomen, constipation. In the period of menstruation may experience severe pain, dizziness, small amounts of secretions.

Diagnosis and treatment

the Main procedure for identification of adhesions in the fallopian pipesOh, the clinic is considered to be HSG or hysterosalpingogram. The patient into the uterine cavity is injected a contrast reagent. The diagnosis is made in the case if special laboratory equipment shows the stop motion of the substance in the fallopian pipesAh. To receive more data are also used ultrasonic techniques, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

the Process of treatment depends on the condition of the patient and stage of the disease. As a rule, it includes the following procedures:

  • Salpingostomy. The opening of auxiliary canal in the case of a complete blockage pipes;
  • the
  • Reanastomosed. Removal of adhesions, together with the affected region pipess with subsequent stitching together the remaining parts;
  • the
  • Fimbrioplasty. The complex of actions in the presence of scarring pipes;
  • the
  • Salpingectomy. The removal of the damaged parts of the fallopian pipess;
  • the
  • Selective yet. The introduction into the cavity of the pipes special catheters, ensuring proper ovulation.

you should Not neglect is apparent and indirect symptoms since to rectify the situation in the advanced form of the disease is extremely difficult even in the conditions of advanced clinics in Europe.

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