Erotic massage - relaxation for body and soul. Properties and advantages of erotic massage. Contraindications.

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I have Long wanted to relax from the daily bustle and relax? Tired at work? Had a lot of problems? Then just for you! Its roots, he takes a Thai massage and was first introduced in India more than 1500 years ago! This massage was widely used by the monks, knights and kings! Only erotic massage promotes harmony throughout the body , helps to distract from psychological problems and relax!

Erotic massage is a special type of massage, featuring erotic content. One of the main goals of this massage is receiving the pleasure and opportunity to forget about all your problems.

Key features and benefits of erotic massage:

  1. Profound effect on the skin , which helps to disperse the blood and make the skin more elastic.
  2. the
  3. Initiation of sexual energy, which generally is helpful for the body.
  4. the
  5. relaxes the entire body.
  6. the
  7. After the massage, the person feels rested and refreshed.
  8. Positive emotions that help relieve stress and depression.
  9. the
  10. the Formation of a peaceful mind.

Types of erotic massage, the manner and method of execution. Advantages of erotic massage.

  1. Classic erotic massages;
  2. the
  3. Female erotic massage
  4. the
  5. Urological erotic massage for men's health);
  6. the
  7. Thai-massage.

Erotic massage is accompanied by soft music and subdued light. Before starting erotic massage is offered to take a shower. Then proceed to massage. The massage itself begins with light touch, moving to press on the body. The masseuse can touch you with his body, thereby relaxing and exciting. The massage itself takes place in a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the presence of essential oils. After the massage is offered some time to lie to keep its state.


  • pregnancy;
  • infectious disease;
  • limb injuries;
  • pathology of the nervous system.

the Salon "Hot Chocolate" provides services of erotic massage. An incredible pleasure, physical and mental relaxation, the best masters of their craft.

In our salon you can experience the best erotic massage!

Large selection of masseuses. The massage begins with warming the body with a soft kneading motions. During the massage specialist works with almost all over, however, his actions are repeated symmetrically on the other side of the body. The impact begins with the limbs and then goes to the body. And the overall impact goes from the feet to the head. Massage is for relaxing to soft music, nice interior, if desired, are added to essential oils. The length of the massage you choose for yourself! You'll find it in our showroom.

Come to us, because only we have:

  • masters;
  • the
  • Courteous staff;
  • the
  • Affordable prices;
  • the
  • Common shares;
  • the
  • Individual approach.

Order your erotic massage in the salon "Hot Chocolate", you will be pleasantly surprised. You will enjoy the best masseuse. Massages are performed by professionals, and the entire process resembles a beautiful and unusual dance, where one move smoothly into another. We are waiting for you!

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