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If a person needs to order a translation on a common theme and it does not set specific deadlines, almost 90 percent of all cases he will receive a high-quality work. But this takes place only in case if a person is in periodicheskoe Agency that is not ephemeral, but it's on the market for a long time and puts a lot of effort so that his clients obtained competent translation.

the translation services market, the situation is now such that out of a hundred people who call themselves "translators" offering their services, in reality, only one or two can make a quality translation in a specific field.

Today, almost everyone understood that to risk and to order the translation of freelance translators offering their services to the global web makes no sense, because professional translators do not give online ads, and so they "snapped" in any periodicheskom Bureau.

a popular option is contacting a professional translation Agency. By the way, an example of this is Libra :


How to avoid confusion when contacting periodicheskoe Bureau?

  • Initially you have to ask, they will get free (if) translators who specializiruetsya in the field of translation that interests you;
  • If you need to translate bulk text, then you can ask the office Manager to send You e-mail a few pages of rough draft (or finished) as soon as they are ready. You can also specify the desired formatting to harmonize the terms and also ask the translator to change or to abandon the services of this periodicheskogo office;
  • If you have translations that have been made before, then give their Manager mandatory, but do not give more than 3. as an example, because to use a large transfer would be impossible. The ideal option would be a Glossary so that the translator specifically seen with all the requirements to translation of terms. And everyone has their own requirements and to guess their just not realistic;
  • it is Better to provide a list of all proper names with their correct spelling in the target language;
  • Translators, managers and editors are making a huge effort so that the translation was done well, but anyway it is Your personal participation in the process of translation is able to minimize the risk of receiving substandard order.

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