What is Business English (business English)?


Today the world dictates their own terms and in matters of business English proficiency is a significant help. In addition, it serves as a kind of springboard for employment in a good paying job. More details about what is business English what we tell the employee the language in which every Muscovite can take courses in business English.


What is Business English?

the Program of this course covers such areas as:

  • Communication with partners and clients by phone;
  • Writing memos and letters of a business nature;
  • Participation in meetings and business meetings;
  • Carrying out presentations and negotiations;
  • Communication with customers and colleagues;
  • Efficient and fast processing of different information streams;
  • Read instructions, technical literature, documentation.

Enrolling in courses Business English people, 1st of all get a chance to step up its available vocabulary, to improve and strengthen their speaking skills and gather knowledge that will be useful for application in a specific industry (for example, in science, Finance, medicine, logistics, construction). Business English courses based on the conduct of telephone conversations, rules of drawing up letters, as well as the study of specific terminology. They are aimed directly at teaching business etiquette and to overcome the language barrier.

Current communicative language teaching methodology is built directly on conversational practice, because active dialogue gives you the opportunity to easily cope with a fairly complex grammatical structures, as well as to master business vocabulary.

Absolutely all classes are aimed at conversational practice. Classes replicate real-world situations: negotiations, presentations, meetings, business meetings, discussions. Directly in the learning process are listened to audio tapes, viewing video. All this gives you the opportunity to gain confidence, expand your vocabulary, and start speaking in a foreign language.

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