Varieties of stun guns "WASP"


Now the choice of stun guns is very wide, and every day different models becomes more and more. Ordinary man with great difficulty was going to be able to navigate in this diversity, in order to choose a great weapon. Fortunately there are iskrometnye device "WASP". It's sort of a mark of quality among the stun guns, buying any device, "OSA", a person is guaranteed to receive reliable, efficient, inexpensive and convenient weapon for self-defense.

In Russia stun brand WASP is very popular. Under this TM release devices of various shapes and sizes, power classes and the principle of action, but in any case their tactical and technical and ergonomic parameters are always at the highest level. Also, Russians love iskrometnye device "WASP" because of their availability, the models of this brand are much lower counterparts of equal power. By the way, you can buy in the online store:


Lineup of stun guns "WASP":

  • Police 1101. Model 11-0-1 perhaps, is the most popular in Russia stun flashlight. This device has excellent size and ergonomics, well made metal housing. Externally, the Taser in this series can not be distinguished from ordinary flashlight, it has a great led bulbs that gives you the ability to move it, lighting his way, and without attracting too much attention;
  • OSA-800. This unique miniature stun gun, a mass of 50 grams and size 10х4х2 see This is a very convenient, cheap, easy and when worn is absolutely not burdensome device. Chip this model has a rubberized case that reduces slipping and insulate the current;
  • OSA-928. This is one of the few shockers, a design which provided a system of anti-seizure. The appliance cannot be wrested from your hands, since the sides of the body it includes a pair of electrodes, and if the bandit grabbed for the Taser, you can easily neutralize him only 1 touch of a button;
  • OSA-ALARM. This one-of-a-kind stun gun. In addition to high power and comfortable housing, this model has a very loud built-in siren, which provides additional deterrent effect.

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