Get rid of the humidity smell in the apartment


the Smell of dampness is very unpleasant, and it does not matter from where it comes, for example, from carpets, clothes, walls, refrigerators, washing machines or furniture. In all cases it brings certain discomfort. By the way, the smell of damp in the apartment, we will tell the editor of the website: www.избавься.рф.
And so, the major sources of bad smell in the apartment are the walls and floor. It is about them we'll talk further.



If your house humidity is high, then the walls need to handle antibacterial special trains. You also need to make sure whether all rooms have ventilation. In that case, if it is clogged, it is necessary to contact the utility so that its staff cleaned the tube or passage. You should also check the tightness of the joints of the walls and Windows. If you find cracks, then they need to "patch up" with foam. Not be amiss to treat the wall as well and antifungal agent.



how to get rid of the smell of dampness on your own carpet? The best solution is to remove it and wash. At home to do it's quite uncomfortable, because the carpet can have very large dimensions.

You can take your carpet to a car wash where for a fee it a good clean and wash. Modern cleaning companies provide this service, like carpet cleaning. In a pinch you can clean your carpet.

For carpet cleaning and carpet you can buy in the store special household chemicals. Purchased the product to be diluted with water and treating them your product. With all this, you will not need to flush household chemicals.

If in a room with linoleum, you have to process it will be even easier. You can also use household cleaning products. If you are good cleaned the floor, you can easily remove the smell of dampness.



Properly treating the walls and floor of your apartment you will save yourself and your guests from this unpleasant phenomenon, as the smell of dampness.

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