Liquid perfume: what is it?


Many people ask the question: "What is the difference between perfume, perfume and toilet water?". The main difference between these two varieties of perfumes is the amount of perfume extract. So in perfumes, the concentration of this extract is 20 to 40 %, water in the toilet from 5 to 20 %, and in perfumed water, from 10 to 30 %. In this case, the concentration of the extract to be higher, the more intense and persistent perfume will be.

the worst kept douzy - after 2 years the formula begins to change (even with proper storage in sealed), and Cologne and toilet water are stored from 4 to 5 years.

In our time the division of perfumes for men and women is rather arbitrary. The line between them becomes increasingly blurred. The main difference is that the base notes feminine floral fragrances, and male fern and wood.


Bulk perfume

Today, a huge demand for spirits on tap. It is therefore a very promising business in this macrosegment perfume market. Liquid perfume really are a huge segment of the perfume market. This area is slightly less than ten years, in consequence of which it is considered young. But liquid perfume, despite its young age, is very popular among the people. In the collections of various TM there are women's and men's fragrances. By the way, buy liquid perfumes in Ukraine you can .


liquid perfumes has several advantages and is:

  • identity of the products of world-famous brands;
  • high quality which not inferior to original perfumes;
  • attractive price (Agree not all people have the opportunity to buy branded expensive perfumes. By the way, almost all buyers know that a large part of the price is the cost of the bottle, advertising, brand, packaging, etc. In majority of cases, the price of the fragrance is about a quarter of the cost of the perfume); the vitality, on the level of the original (but the durability of scent to any perfume directly determined by the characteristics of the composition itself).

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