Typography: what does she do?


Any person buying a magazine, book or newspaper is not a 1-in is just faced with a "flavour" of freshly printed printing products. The fragrance is pleasant enough, the pages look like you're asking them to look through, and printed the manuscript you want to keep in their hands as long as possible. And for all this we must thank the printing house and the services it provides. By the way, in Barnaul provides printing services .

Now the list of services provided by printing companies has significantly increased since the capabilities of the latest equipment have the opportunity to print and publish not only Newspapers, magazines and books, and also print calendars, envelopes, booklets, brochures, paper bags with company logo etc. Need to say that today these products can print lubasi under the individual order.

For example, envelopes come in different varieties and size, can have different symbols or company logo, calendars can contain a variety of photographs, pictures and drawings because they are made with screen printing or offset printing surface with cutting or foil stamping. With all this, such products izgotovlivajut relatively quickly.

These services are particularly popular in various enterprises, which carry out their activities require a huge amount of corporate securities. With all of this data is proprietary "paper" must have a presentable appearance. If to speak about printing of various brochures, the printing house provides services for their high-quality bond, which are carried out on special equipment by using different metal staples, by stitching with thread or by gluing.

If the client has any additional suggestions regarding the paper, ink or printing, and then printing can satisfy any request. And even the price is within average prices of the "standard" print. If the client wishes, typography can pack the finished products, which in turn makes it possible to solve huge number of problems with its use and careful delivery.

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