Hairdresser-colorist: the main features of this profession?


Profession "Hairdresser-colorist" today is a prestigious and well-paid. The old professions of lawyers and economists always come with all new working field. A good master colorists given the fact that there are many beauty salons popular in the market it is in parikmaherskoi art.


Training: what it is?

to the profession "hairdresser—colourist" is very simple. You only need to obtain higher education for example, in College, or to graduate from a public or private courses directly on hairdressing. Directors of many beauty pay special attention, first, on the portfolio of famous hair stylists and experience in this area. The cost of training for this specialty is available, but the special tools that are used to make a beautiful styling, hair, tools used to be very expensive. If you are interested in more information you will find on the website: http://www.парикмахер.рф/kursy_parikmaherov/.


features of this profession

the Main difference between such a specialty as "hairdresser-colourist" from the usual Barber is that in addition to a good ability to create different haircuts and images colorist must professional to understand the huge number of shades of different kinds of hair colours, their composition and main features.

Hairdresser-colourist should always possess a few methods of mixing dyes, to be able to calculate the correct mixing ratio in order to obtain the required shade of color, as well as to determine the flow rate of the diluent with many facilities that are designed for mixing. The important thing is to come out with beautiful color, so that he could look the basic tone directly natural hair. Hair coloring is very the fashion trend in men. Adolescents tend to paint a few strands of hair, I love to do highlights, and in adulthood all men just need to paint the gray hair.

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