How to catch catfish way of "trolling"?


Catfish live in holes, but the chance to catch these predators in this place exactly the same as to ignore their bait. Here the catch is that the soma in these pits to relax, not to hunt. That is why the place for trolling you'd better choose directly just upstream from the pit - there is depth somewhere in the 2 island times less. Catfish often hunt in these places and consequently the chance to get them interested in your bait here is much higher.

best of all since the output directly from the pit. At low speed, your boat should begin to move in zigzags, which in turn will increase your size of the catfish and also will help your lure to simulate a live fish more realistically.

In that case, if a couple of passes to no avail, it is necessary to change the length of the vacation lure or change it to some other model. In addition, conceived, and also triggers the change in the speed of the boat. It may well be that you were moving too slow, or Vice versa, very quickly. Keep in mind that if after all these manipulations, catfish don't bite you can feel free to change the place of fishing.

If you fell for a catfish in any case should not rush. So it is "exhausting" you have to spend some time because it is a strong and very hardy fish. As soon as som wear themselves out, we should gradually pull the prey closer to your boat. But do not relax, because the data, the predator is always fighting to the last, and, as a result, can quite sharp jerk to break your tackle. The clutch need to keep a little bit loose, do not hurry, just again pull it to yourself. It is necessary to remember that the last jerk catfish is the most powerful, so don't let your production to fall at the last moment.

Caught catfish to tighten the boat needs across the Board. That predator you don't hurt it is better to use pretty thick gloves. Next, large fingers you have to stick in the jaws of a predator, and the other fingers need to catch catfish under his lower jaw.


Useful tips:

  • it is best for the predator to walk together;
  • the predator should not be going to unstable, and a small boat;
  • it is better to take a couple of different crankbaits;
  • At high speed trolling soma is also not worth it;
  • Take the hook;
  • as the leash is better to use an insert made of metal or soft wire.

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