What are the varieties of showers


walk-in Shower is called a confined space that is designed specifically for the shower. Showers are open and closed.


nacelle for the soul

Showers this tapas got its name due to the fact that their design has no ceiling, and only has a 4-d side. Moreover, 2-ve or 3 sides shower enclosure limit the bathroom wall, and other walls of the cabin. These shower cabins are also called outdoor showers corners. At 1st glance, these cabins may seem cheap and simple option. But let's take a detailed look at the features of their installation and construction.

1st and the main feature of this type of cabin is a high-quality training directly to the installation of the most of the shower stall. It is necessary to carefully align the floor and walls, as well as to make the waterproofing, otherwise hold tight installation will not be feasible. Such thoroughness of preparation can be explained by the fact that the doors of the cab are fastened to the wall with hinges that are regulated only up to 2 mm. If the bathroom walls are uneven, repair the cracks will be impossible and as a result, violated the integrity.

due to the fact that this type have a roof, they have some additional functions, for example, rain showers or Turkish baths . When a small bathroom is a possibility of installing a shower enclosure on the floor is very much appreciated. And if you still will select the transparent doors that open to the inside of the shower stall, you will visually be able to expand your bathroom and increase the usable area.

If you buy an open shower without pan, then instead of purchasing the pallet you will need to perform a number of actions:

  • to determine the location and size of the installation area;
  • to do waterproofing of the floor and walls;
  • mount the drain system.

by the Way, for the soul to choose floor tiles with a low coefficient of friction.


Shower boxes (closed shower cabins)

This type of showers have a roof on all sides is a closed space. They are very easy to install in any place where there is supply and return water.

the number of functions they are:

  • simple;
  • the
  • multi-function.

the form of these showers can be:

  • square;
  • semicircular;
  • round;
  • the corner.

Multifunctional shower cabins

are considered to be Multifunctional shower cabins, except that soul have 1 well or a few extra features (horizontal hydro, vertical hydro massage, tropical shower, Turkish bath , chromotherapy, contrast showers).

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