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Many of my compatriots get higher education in the national schools. However, it is very popular today to study abroad. And if until recently the opportunity to get education in foreign universities were only rich Ukrainians, today it appeared and the ordinary citizen. By the way, if you are interested in more information you can find on the website:

Humanitarian Academy. Alexander Geyshtora, one of the leading higher educational institutions of the Republic of Poland, today offers Ukrainian youth a unique opportunity to get a decent European education in their native language.


the Training will take place at the faculty of political science in three areas:

  • Journalism; a
  • the
  • European studies;
  • the
  • International Finance.

Main advantages:


    the Teaching of Ukrainian and Russian languages; the

  • European standard Diploma;
  • the
  • Training in Polish and English;
  • the
  • Practice in successful companies in Poland.

Students are provided with all necessary materials available to them the latest technology fully equipped and modern classrooms. School employ teachers of the highest category, which have rich experience, deep knowledge and skills. The learning process takes place effectively and can result. That is, after the student becomes a young professional with the necessary knowledge.

the European diploma today gives much more flexibility than Ukrainian. He is accepted by the employers of international companies, and it is an important step to a successful future.

Graduates of the Humanities Academy. Alexander Geyshtora successful members of society who live and work in leading companies of many countries of the world. Now the opportunity to get a decent education and a diploma that opens doors in every European country, has the youth of Ukraine.

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