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Modern house or building is simply impossible to imagine without sanitation and water. So, at the heart of these systems lies directly and pipe fittings. In General, are devices that are installed on vessels and pipelines which operate under pressure), heat exchangers, pumps, aggregates, and other instruments.

Its main task is the management of flows of gas, powder, liquid and other environments due to the change in the square of the passing section. Directly below this control mean: distribution, separation of phases, regulation, overlap, blending, and other operations that should be carried out with the flow of the working medium. Next, we'll talk about the different types of valves and tell us about them, the employee of Dneprovsky plant of Promdetal, in which you can buy .


Classification of pipe fittings

It can be of different types, mainly classified according to the purpose of rebar.

  • Governing. It is used for regulating parameters of the working environment through changes in consumption;
  • Locking. Such devices are used in order to prekryti the working medium flow, with some certain level of integrity;
  • valves. It combines the characteristics of regulating and stop valves;
  • Safety. It is used to protect (in automatic mode) against excessive pressure. She needed lines and other equipment;
  • Reverse. It is the valves that need to prevent (automatic) reverse the flow of the working environment;
  • lockable non-return. It is kind of the reverse valves, which can be forced to close;
  • Irrevocable-driven. From a lockable non-return, this kind of pipe fittings is characterized in that it is possible as to force to close and open, or to limit the stroke of the valves;
  • Drain (drain). This is one of the types of valves that are needed in order to reset the working environment of tanks, reservoirs and pipeline systems;
  • Protective (cut-off). It is used to protect (in automatic mode) of various equipment and piping from changing the direction of flow of the working environment and its parameters that is not provided or is not a valid process. Also, this pipe fittings is also used to turn off the flow;
  • Control. It is indispensable to control the flow of working medium in the control and measuring equipment or devices;
  • Gazorazdelitel. It is used to separate working environments in different phases.

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