Modern vein treatment methods


Phlebology is the science that studies veins, their diseases and treatment. Now in our country there is such an approved specialty, but the need for the provision of it certainly there. Because the problem of varicose veins is very common and people who want to get treatment, quite a lot. And vascular surgeons who traditionally do the treatment, do not always have enough opportunity to pay attention to these people. By the way, if you are interested in more information you can read on the website:

for a Long time it was thought that this problem should be treated. And while there was a striking symptoms, for treatment no one was taken. So, in Soviet times it was believed that women Nada the beauty of the legs. And then the disease developed into huge knots, and then to help could only surgery. Now, there are European standards and any cosmetic defect is a problem because every woman wants her legs had a nice view. Therefore, the need for such a degree crystallized.


laser Treatment is the latest technology. What are its advantages?

This is the modern technology that has come to us from abroad. Laser treatment has the medical name endovenosa laser photocoagulation. That is, under the influence of laser energy is a kind of sealing patients veins. In General varicose disease has several stages. Sometimes it lasts a lifetime on first stage in the form of spider veins. In other cases, the disease can progress and the legs are formed of varicose conglomerates. There are large veins, and the doctor-phlebologist the surgeon should refer the patient to the doctor for an ultrasound to diagnose vein. The person investigating the venous system and then make a decision about the modern method of laser treatment.

you can Also use the method of sclerotherapy. This is the introduction of a special drug into the veins to make them disappear. It's not sealing veins, as they say. Maybe the procedure needs to be repeated, but these wreaths are sure to gradually disappear. Had patients who came with such feet that it was terrible to watch, but after a few treatments the feet was almost perfect.


Each year, cardiovascular diseases are getting younger: what councils need to adhere to?

Every year more and more increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It is amazing that people until recently did not go to the experts. The person feels unbearable pain which makes you go to the doctor. But even in these cases, those who are still waiting on. It is surprising that hurt people, but suffering and waiting that it will pass. You must immediately consult a doctor. If a heart attack is not cured on time, the consequences will be irreversible. The doctor is 2 hours, during which the heart can fully restored after a heart attack. Next on the heart scars are formed, it will not shrink. Save the life of a myocardial infarction can surgery - stenting vessels of the heart.

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