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Splintage connection traditionally used in the author's toys, for example, Teddy Bears. This connection allows the head and paws to give mobility, i.e. the head, neck, and legs in the hip and shoulder can rotate without limits, and at times even swing. With all this, the connection is very reliable.

in Order to make splintage connection for your toys you will need:

  • Cotter pins (loop or T-shaped);
  • Metal washer. By the way, very important, absolutely all metal parts (cotter pins and washers) to take stainless steel;
  • Cardboard ergalieva or plywood disks.
  • Plier or splinter. What are the pliers probably know everything, but splintert heard not everyone. Is that sort of a standard screwdriver, the tip of which is dispersed and not tapered. You can buy ready-made splinter, and you can do it from the screwdriver to any metal pieces;
  • the details of the toy (for example, pieces of mohair).

Splintage connection as are the cotter pins, sometimes of 2 types:

  • common on the T-shaped pin;
  • "swinging" that takes 2-pin eyelet and threaded into each other. Goes like a chain, where our detail will swing and rotate.

swing connection

Initially you have to take 2 of the United cotter pin, threaded 1-in the washer and into the drive, and straighten splintert or pliers antennae. After that the 2nd thread in the hole parts of the toy, and then the 2nd part. Next on the cotter pin, put on disk, then the washer, and again twirl the antennae, not tight!! Otherwise, the swing will be nothing. Now everything is ready.


Normal connection

This connection is similar to swinging. Initially it is necessary to place the washer and the disc on the cotter pin. Then it should pass the 1-well and 2-nd parts. Next you need to pin to put on the disc washer, and spin antennae as much as possible. That's all done!


Important to know

Sometimes people ask, why do we need goals? They need to be able to upon rotation of the cotter pin are not frayed quickly disk. Ie for reliability and strength. And when you're uncoiling tendrils, need to be sure that they lay strictly on the puck.

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