How to learn Italian?


to learn the Italian language should adhere to three main steps:


Determine your learning style: visual, auditory or kinestetik

I Want to note that we are all different. People have different personalities, habits, preferences ... Even the language everyone uses in their own way. There are also different "learning styles" or "learning type". So when some schools make a group of 30 people to learn the language at the same (and often repetitive) exercises and techniques, maybe someone will be able to achieve some results, but many have not. By the way, if you are interested in more information you can visit the website:


there are several training, in particular, the main three of them: visual, auditory, kinestetik

Visual. For this training type is always better to see, write, visualize, draw (on paper or in your head), what he is studying. Such people like to take notes, all systematically record, to emphasize, to highlight, and to imagine during training.
Auditory. For these people; it is important to listen when learning a language, they focus on the sounds and remembered how the word sounds, not written. So people want to try and pronounce the word or sentence aloud, they can easily catch the rhythm and music of language.
Kinestetik. Kinesthetic learn through own experiences, experiences of certain situations and learning at the same time. They are better to do once than a few times to see or hear. Especially good memorization takes place during the movement (action, games, etc.) and through tactile play.


Define your motivation

Want to go abroad? To find a good job? To have access to a huge amount of information, which is only in Italian? Then you need to learn the language. Think about it: what is your main goal? As the knowledge of Italian will improve your life so that you will be successful, more confident, happier? Formulate and write down your goal before you begin learning any language.

take our time to make a plan

planning is an important component. You make a deal with yourself to practice every day (preferably) at certain hours. So 1 hour foreign languages in my daily morning routine.

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