How to become a model: 15-year-old girl reveals the secrets


have been dreaming of catwalks and fashion photo shoot? You're tall, have interesting facial features and a passion for the fashion industry? Model Mariana Rudenskaya shared their experience and gave valuable advice for those who are eager to start a career in the modeling industry!

Today, Mariana is one of the most popular modeling agencies in the world - Avant models. Fifteen the girl has been to fashion shows in Asia, has starred in glossy magazines FEMINA and Gisele met with many world models. Now Mariana shoots video blogs, which talks about his life and maintains a page in Instagram, which shares own recipes. By the way, if you are interested in more information you can visit the website:


Maryana, tell us for starters how do you know a model Agency Avant models?

a modeling career I dreamed of since childhood, so always was interested in various auditions and competitions. One evening, flipping through the news feed in Instagram, I stumbled upon a photo of a famous model Irina Liss and, plucking up courage, decided to write to her. The girl told that she is a representative of model Agency Avant models that can get there has a chance every girl: you just need to upload your snap-a photo that is a portrait in which you without makeup, and a few shots in full growth. If you meet all the parameters, the fortune almost in your hands!


You decided to send your pictures?

of Course! I didn't even hesitate, indeed, confidently went to his goal, no matter what. If you knock on the door, and you are not open - get in the window! Believe me, our thoughts materialists, and dreams come true.
a few weeks later I received a letter in which it was said that soon will be sent tickets to Moscow for me and one of my parents. We signed together the contract and subsequently I went to my first job. The main thing - desire, belief and persistence!


And finally, who is your example, you want to be like and how do you see your future?

My mother - my real example of wisdom, beauty and femininity. She always understood and supported me, giving invaluable advice. I can confidently say that I want to go to it all. In the future I dream to be one of the models of Victoria's Secret. I also plan to have economic education because I really love math! I think that in my fifteen I attained a lot of what girls seek the years. I am grateful to God, parents and friends for their support and belief in me!

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