What are the criteria of a quality translation?

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Often, many people have a very ephemeral idea of the selection criteria periodicheskogo Bureau. And there is nothing strange. After all, in order to call them, it is necessary to understand what this quality consists. Next, we'll talk about it .

2-VA the most asked question of the average customer is: "When will it be ready?" and "How much?". Based on the data is not very intricate needs, small periodicheskie agencies choose for themselves a quite simple tactic: take urgent orders and to put a lower price.

now answer a very simple question: "How can you translate for mere pennies?". Well, it's all very simple. What foreign language is most common? This is the English. Why it is in the office to put the 1st employee who knows English. He will be taking orders and independently to translate them. Since the orders are relatively small, then combine it is really. If you have already thought about quality?

Some will say "Let the English translates the same person that takes orders, but the translation also point and other languages. And the translation there also is a penny. How does that happen?". The logic here works a small official... the Order is calculated like this: 150 USD for the work will give the interpreter and the client say that the transfer costs UAH 160. Earnings of course small, but exactly it's better than nothing.

But what about proofreading, you have to spend both money and time? Even the most professional translator cannot deduct your own text is ideal as it are getting tired, and my eyes get tired. With 100% certainty we can say that in your translation without proofreading will be the same error.

1-it is important point is, who exactly will give your order in such offices? Right! The translator, who did not complain of the clients and offering the most lower prices. Ie it turns out that if errors are not caused problems or they are small, the customer won't complain. And that if the customer does see these mistakes. Thus, in many cases, define "best" interpreter.

Now you know? The clients themselves determine the level translators. At that time, in a solid translation Bureau carry out various selections, tests, "exams" (and all this costs money), then in small periodicheskih Bureau simply do not have the money for all this. That's why these companies all of the experiments conducted on their own customers.

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