My little friend - a parrot Kesha


My pet parrot Kesha. Kesha - wavy parrot. It is very beautiful white with blue belly and small black spots on head and wings.

the Cache is very interesting. He wakes up early in the morning and immediately begins to tweet. The door of the cell we are closing soon for the night to rest, and from morning to evening Kesha can move freely around the apartment.

by Day, he is in a cage very little time when eating or when we come to unfamiliar people. The rest of the time he flies around the apartment, walking on furniture and the floor, sitting on the room doors. By the way, you can and on the website:

Kesha loves to play a variety of objects, especially small toys. One of my toys is a small parrot soft pink color, so he liked that he could not without her to hold on a minute. This toy's size and shape Kesha learned close to him the bird, and now she is constantly on his cage. He talks to her and is very worried when she's going anywhere.

One day while cleaning the apartment, the toy parrot was placed in one of the boxes. The cache was not himself, he flew through all the rooms, walked on furniture, boxes, screaming and looking for something. My parents at first could not understand what had happened and only after some time noticed the lack of toys. When we found it and put it again in the cage, Kesha sat down next to him and a few times something told him and then calmed down.

Sometimes when it's time to sleep and turn off the lights, and the Cache still does not go in the cage, we take him a toy parrot and throw you in a cage, then he quickly gets behind him. But to do it very quickly and carefully as Cache finds that his "friend" want to take away or hurt him and he courageously defends - very bite and bite.

Your parrot we feed with different food. Basically this is a special feed for parrots, which include different grains-millet, oats, Canary seed. He also loves fresh leaves of dandelion and plantain, apples, pears and other fruits.

When we sit down to eat, Kesha almost always arrives in the kitchen and sit down at the table, where he sometimes eats the crumbs of bread, biscuits, cheese, potatoes, and other foods and dishes that my mother makes. If it is, do not suggest to take the Cache may hurt to bite or to bite.

Poop, we complete every day. The water in the trough, we pour just settled and filtered from raw or chlorinated water, the parrot can get sick. The water should be at room temperature and in any case not cold. One day, we mistakenly gave him tap water and Kesha just sick - he sat nanohenry, did not eat anything was very sluggish and was breathing heavily. We turned for advice to the veterinary hospital where we were told what medicines to treat it. We are very excited for our bird and was delighted when he recovered. Since we are closely following proper diet and drinking Keshi because I understand what is a responsible process, which depends its life, health and mood.

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