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In this post I will once again talk about their impressions of life in Norway. I'll try to give some advice to young and ambitious people who are interested in a similar experience. By the way, if you are interested in more information, please visit:



Most readers of this post, perhaps you will think: "Oh, ​​what a lucky guy to live in one of the capitals of Western Europe, but still on very good terms!". I tell you this: I was not lucky, I just made that choice. I think for this you need something to stand out, or have some connection, be very lucky and be at the right time in the right place? Not at all. Where you are today, who you are and what you are doing now is nothing more and nothing less than the result of all your previous actions. You should always know what you want to achieve and all the possible resources, trying each time to become a step closer to his goal. And have the ultimate goal.

don't need to have 100% action plan how to implement their ideas. In most cases we have a goal, and we don't know how to implement it. Tell me, when you're driving from one city to another by night, you can see all the way to your destination immediately? No, you see only 50 meters ahead, illuminated by the headlights of your car. But you get to your destination, knowing only the next 50 meters of its path. As with any goals, you don't need to know the way. Just every day do something that is approaching you on 1 step to the dream. And for a certain number of days you will realize that you came to her.


About my experiences and impressions in Norway

Certainly the impression I got the best, what else to expect from life in the city, every year takes the first places in terms of life in the world. So, the conditions of existence here tremendously other than us, as well as problems. For example, say that political parties here are pretty difficult to stand for election though, because people live so well that just objectively have nothing to placate them. Or the locals are not very fond of their public transport, which very seldom is late for a few minutes. Even more surprising is the attitude of employers to their employees, in particular, can clearly speak for the company where you work. Such a guide, the way of doing business and workers to find.

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