How to choose a good refrigerator


Without such a device, like a refrigerator it is impossible to imagine even one of today's kitchen. Manufacturers are offering new and unique models with different functions: light signals, antibacterial coating, various indicators, Avtozavodskoy, small zones of freshness and even a cooling system. Then supplied the question: what is necessary to present the main requirements to a modern refrigerator in order for it to fit well into the kitchen interior and was comfortable in use? Below specifies the main guidelines that will help you make the perfect choice.


tip # 1: the importance belongs to size

be Sure to choose the refrigerator, taking into account the size of the kitchen and number of people in your family. Owners of large buildings have the opportunity to purchase a huge refrigerator. But in the case when the kitchen area is small, and the family is particularly small, take the extra area is not worth it. By the way, you can buy and сайте:


tip # 2: height

the Height of the refrigerator need to determine the comfort level the rest of the kitchen sets. In order to be comfortable to use the whole family, it should not exceed 1.5 meters. If the refrigerator is low, then you will have to bend over all the time. Also will be uncomfortable to use and high refrigerator because then it will be difficult to reach the higher shelves. Comfortable to buy a wide and a tall fridge. For very small kitchens recommend to buy refrigerators, which have a height with gas stoves.


tip # 3: take into account the volume

the volume of the refrigerator should definitely pay attention. It must be selected based on the number of all people who will use it, product demand and frequency of cooking. The most convenient models according to European standard samples which have a volume of about 250-300 L.

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