Kobyzhcha is one of the largest Ukrainian villages

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Village , Bobrovitskiy district is one of the largest villages of Ukraine. It is located in the Chernihiv region, 100 kilometers from Kiev. Reduced among the mounds and dense forests, the village is almost two thousand hectares and has borders with 6 thousands of hectares of forests here for 800 years. The village remembers Castellanos Polish and Ukrainian Cossacks, and the Empress Catherine II. However, natural or historical wealth did not save Kobyzhcha on the decline, and today the village with a glorious past fighting just for the right to exist.

the Village of Kobyzhcha originated in the times of Kievan Rus. According to legend, its a fancy name it received through the sorcerers - abnicum who worked their Cobisa - housing and strong spells. Considering how many times the village was vastavalo from the ashes, you can really believe that without the miraculous forces are not done. Burning Batu Horde, later destroyed by Polish troops, and finally, mutilated by the Germans, it continued to live and grow.

For 50 years, the population has decreased almost 10 times, and the industry disappeared.

In 50-ies in Kobyzhcha, there were about 30,000 people worked in 2 schools, had 3 churches, a hospital and a maternity house, several machine and tractor stations, factories, farms, and farm forestry. Today the population is 3,800 people, the mortality rate is twice the birth rate of production, except natural, no,, and the whole village is in a deep stagnation. Magic and wonder don't live here anymore.

there Were 3 farms with none. Was the sawmill - no, was agriculture - is not present, was dairy - no nitrotech - no. Hospital with a miserable doctor. The ambulance could not come, so still nothing. If something came pay for petrol. And the village had the tank with ammonia, in the spring it will deliver. How dangerous he is! People protested-and protested, but no good there - complains farmer Anatoly.

In one of the former churches today is country club. Here and in the local bar to spend their free time young people, say representatives of the older generation. They complain because the bar is open all day and children are lost there in the morning. However other ways to spend leisure time there, says Alexander kobiecych.
we had a library. Maybe it works, but it no one is interested in , - the woman speaks.

And recently the village suffered another problem - burned down the monument of wooden architecture of the 19th century, Holy assumption Church. Amid the General devastation and stalemate, the Church remained the only center of hope. MOE stated the arson, but the investigation has not progressed.

Total forces kobiecosci and partial raised funds for the restoration of the temple. A new Church will appear on the old Foundation and will exactly repeat the previous one.

Hope is great there. The material is almost all ready for work. Hopefully, with God's help and the help of kind people build. Is exactly the same Church as they were: length 32 meters, and the Foundation 160. This is a very large amount , - says Archpriest father Vasily Gave.

the Spirit of the glorious village undertook to revive the local football team Kobyzhcha . Players spend their leisure time on the football field, not in a bar, says a member of FC Kobyzhcha Alex Kuzub.

Youth is divided into different subtypes. There are few who are doing useful things. Someone chooses eatery and drugs. And we learn, work and always find free time to play football. Some say that the village to live not for fun, but we like it. We are indigenous people and are not going to like the rest, to leave it and to go to some kind of civilization .

Despite all the problems the last 20 years, the farmers are not going to give up. And the fact that in recent years Kobyzhcha interested tourists gives reason to hope that the village will rise again to his feet. Traditional festival Kobyzhcha Motosession and a separate group of travellers on the village pay more attention. Now, when request to the Internet search engines you can see more than thousands of results related to Kobyzhcha. Any prospects, maybe not, but there is hope, convince kobiecosci.

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