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Many people dream to go abroad, to see how people live there, to feel element of foreign culture, to see nevidane earlier, natural beauty and much more. But to accomplish this, at least, for this you need a passport.

Want to make a passport? Planning to go to visit relatives, to work abroad or just travel? Next, we consider how to make a passport. And tell us about Ivanov A. K. - employee , which will help make the passport of the residents and residents throughout Ukraine.


How to make a passport?

to make a passport need to apply to the State migration service. Before that, you need to make a copy of pages of passport and identification code. Photos don't need pictures on the spot.

Go to the migration service. And here we see a huge queue. Documents are accepted only on Tuesday and Thursday. Some people just consults, some come and take a turn to pick up the passport, and on this day not issued. People do not read the information that is written on the entrance.

When you have went to the office to the appropriate table, will give you a statement (can be in various forms and questionnaires), the bill and tell you what documents are needed. In the hallway there are samples of all statements and other forms.


the Price of the passport?

You have probably heard about various scandals involving the price of the passport. Said the price of the passport must be 170 USD, but at this price it just doesn't really make - the passport, the migration service is several times more expensive.

can Still be one caveat, the primary account can attach the insurance. It is not necessary to pay, but it happens that I want to add another 70 USD for payment. So, be careful when paying for these accounts.


How to get a passport?

After payment and submission of documents, you need to wait 45 days to receive the passport. Although the site of the State migration service stated that the passport should be made within 20 days. To pick up the passport on Friday and Saturday.

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