What are cockroaches


Cockroaches are insects that live a very long time. If you are in an apartment infested with cockroaches, to destroy them is not easy. Where there is one, after some time running "comrades". In the world there are more than 5 tis. species of cockroaches. The origin of the word "cockroach" from the Turkic tarqan or tarxan - "run".

In our houses and apartments can be found only three species of insects - black (kitchen), red ( "Prusak" - the name comes from the fact that brought them out of the war with Prussia) and Lapland. Black more than red, 2.5-3 cm long, red - 1.3 cm More information you can read on the website: http://pestaway.ru/cockroaches/95-kak-vyvesti-chjornykh-tarakanov.

Experiments at the University of Florida showed that a cockroach leaves behind a chemical trail that others use in order to quickly find the way to water, food or shelter. It was used in their research.


Where there are cockroaches?

not Promptly washed the dishes aren't made of trash, they could get into a bag in the trip, moved from neighbors. And quickly multiply. 1-n times the female leads to 40 new insects, and for his life she lays 3-4 egg capsules. To find the larvae, you can just in houses or in flats.

Cockroaches can live for a long time. There is a legend that they appeared earlier even than the dinosaurs, unlike which survived. Due to the survivability they can easily find ways. The life of this parasite depends on the availability of food. Cockroach live without food for 40 days, cooking in turn, can live without food for up to 70 days.

Interesting feature - can even live without a head for several weeks. When the cockroach remains of this body, on this place you can see the clot. He breathes through microscopic holes that are all over the body and has an elementary reflexes, because the nerve bundles are distributed throughout the insect body.

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