What keeps the jewelry 3D-modeling

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Today we talk about the 3 aspects without which is not possible .



It is nothing but the creation of models for photorealistic visualization. This is probably the 1st where most people start their acquaintance with the jewelry 3D world. Many people are just too lazy to RemoveWAT earrings, rings and necklaces from several perspectives, as well as messing around with watercolor and gouache. Another thing PC has built something and let's render. The result is a beautiful image that is just pleasing to the eye and saves time on drawing sketches.


Creation of 3D models for quick prototyping

At this stage, often, a person begins to realize that all that he had created under the render, to the actual production has absolutely nothing to do.

At this stage, the designer of jewelry starts to closely relate to such aspects as: thickness, tolerances, Assembly, allowances, shrinkage, etc.

And if you are lucky enough to work the factory with the RP setting, then you will be able to see the results of his work! With experience comes a sense of thicknesses and understanding. As a result, the machine will give out products in exact accordance with the built in PC 3D models.


Creation of 3D models for milling machine with CNC

There are people smykaetsya with 2 points, due to the specific technology. Let us analyze them in detail.

Milling machine has only a few degrees of freedom: so, on top (Z-axis) lowered-raised the spindle with the mill, but the platform with the workpiece can move in X and Y, and also, depending on the number of rotary axes can rotate in 1 or 2 planes substituting for the cutter different parties. Then there is the 1st problem of people not everywhere can get a cutter and he has to make rather complicated installation of the model.

When calculating the control program, that is, in the horizontal plane all the time gives little allowance for the elements of the model, in order not to damage it. And it's only a 1-in time, and to enumerate all the nuances of the milling machine can be very long.



do Not think that making the step into the world of the jewelry 3D-modeling you will succeed with 1 times. It's hard work, but the result is worth it!

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