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3-ka nycrama rosiyskih WUSV


Britannica company QS Quacquarelli Symonds presented a ranking of best WUSV world. Yogo nazivayut one of the first three diavoletta in in. When vdboor vrahovuyuchi SST critera:

  • avtoriteti University in the region of naukovih doslic (tsogo OptOut Pravda vchenih world);
  • the reputation of the middle robotodavciv (Sirauti uggoki Nila of rekrutingovykh companies I basic robotodavciv);
  • ndex cytovene;
  • share nazemnyh students;
  • vasotec nazemnyh vikladach;
  • spowderhorn vkladchikov the warehouse to the number students.

Pers rows rating, Yak I in view from the past year, zeinali Massachusetsky technologiczny Institute (100 points z 100 Mogilevich), Garvanski (99.2 per ball) I Cambrdige (99 points) unversiteta. However rosyjskim Universities, yaki tsogo rock potrapila not in the first hundred, they bye far. Dali mi razglyadev trico nycrama rosiyskih WUSV, that potrapila to tsogo rating, 2-VA s yakih Moskovsk, and one - z SPb. By the way, peregrinate VSI Vusi Moscow VI can sit: .


Maskovskiy reigning University imeni M. V. Lomonosov

  • meeting place: 120;
  • Number of students: hope 30 000;
  • Riven doslyk diyalnosti: higher;
  • Vik University: hope 100 years;
  • Vartist navchannya: $ 8 000 - $ 10 000.

2005, 2006 I 2010 the rocky MSU purplev in a hundred of the best WUSV world Problems (93-th row). Z 2011 roku Yogo posits sorce pogromova (112 e, 116 e meeting place I now 120-e). Avtoritetno in the region of naukovih dozen University in this year experti ocenili at 84.1 points (83rd meeting place). Reputation middle robotodavciv of 64.8 (173-t meeting place). For shastkou nazemnyh students MDU sinav 352-e meeting place (37,3 points). For spivery vikladach I students maskovskiy University sinav 17th row (99,9 W 100). Skupna once University - 63,9 points.


Saint Peterburgsky reigning University

  • meeting place: 240;
  • Number of students: hope 12 000;
  • Riven doslyk diyalnosti: higher;
  • Vik University: hope 100 years.

St. Petersburg state University in 2005, 2006 , 2009 rock apenisa in including best 200 WUSV world. From 2010 he is opustilsya to 210 msca, and nastupny year I sivsm to 251. At 2012 year SPSU sinav 253 meeting place. However in 2013 year Panasa vdras on CIM punktv.


Maskovskiy reigning techni University imeni N. E. Bauman

  • meeting place: 334;
  • Number students: hope 12 000;
  • Riven doslyk diyalnosti: higher;
  • Vik University: hope 100 years.

Vpershe Tsey University potrativ in the list of QS in 2011 year. Z quiet PR prosnulsa s 379-a to 334-th row.

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