What you need to pay attention to choosing the kitchen


the Modern man has become accustomed that the kitchen is not only a place for cooking and eating, and this place is dominated by comfort, warmth, and comfort. It's no wonder they say that the person who prepares food, should enjoy his work like a musician who plays his favourite musical instrument.

How should look like a modern kitchen, in order to be both modern and meet its intended purpose? How difficult the path to the creation of the idyll in the kitchen? And how convenient to organize this island of comfort? To these questions we try to answer Petrov, K. N. - employee Studio Exclusive Furniture SAM, which will help you to produce high-quality .


That today customers prefer?

they say managers of furniture stores: buyers today prefer furniture from $ 1000 (average price range). At the same popularname is all furniture types and styles: trendy kitchen Hi-tech, modern, universal, eternal, classic cuisine, and even country music.

the Most popular still have a kitchen in Hi-tech style, and always trendy classic kitchen. The specifications of kitchen furniture are obscure to many people abbreviations: MDF, chipboard, softforming, etc. Now furniture made of natural wood is not so popular (because of its high prices), as cheaper ones, made of wood - MDF or particleboard.

the primary number of assortment of kitchen furniture make frames from wood-shaving laminated plate (DSP). Then followed by blocks of small wood particles and pressed cardboard (MDF). The furniture units are made from MDF have 400 colors. Softforming belongs to a generation of brand new materials. This is a very high quality plastic. These materials allow designers to bring to life Lubelskie furniture fantasies.

If you look at colors modern kitchen, it varies from bright orange and bright red to pale blue. Definitely not to say that today the fashion is dominated by something 1. But still, designers complain about some of the monotony of the sympathies of our countrymen, since the trend of the fashion world, with the search for originality, uniqueness and individual style, the Ukrainian buyer responds very poorly. Our fellow citizens, for practical reasons, the preference for non-exclusive models, and those that will be practical and relevant for many years. In other words, they choose a more traditional solution, not fashion.

Remember that when choosing the kitchen, the most important is to determine its role in your life. Because it is not an easy place to prepare meals, and a special area mental mood of the person.

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