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Since ancient times, wood carving is considered to be 1 of the most common methods of domestic decoration of furniture, tools, exteriors and interiors of public and residential buildings (structures). From generation to generation the traditions of carving, which today occupy a significant role in the creation of works of applied, decorative arts. By the way, in Moscow ordered the carving you can .

Types of wood carving:

  • in-depth (praskoveevka);
  • three-dimensional (sculpture);
  • relief;
  • relief;
  • openwork (Welt);
  • the ship (house).

in-Depth (prokofyevna) thread characterized by the fact that her background is a flat surface decorated with a pattern derived from the indentations of recesses of different shapes. The bottom of the relief, which are located below the level of surface - decorated, and the upper are located on the same level with the surface. Depending on the nature of the pattern and shape of the cavities this type of thread is a geometric and contour.

relief carving virtually no flat surface. Here the forms of the ornament are the terrain of different heights, so there are 2 varieties of this thread: high relief (high relief) and bas-relief (low relief).

Relief carving is a transition stage from the contour to a relief carving. They are characterized by low conditional relief to be in the 1st plane to the level surface that is decorated.

cut-outs is a type of thread that has no background. Elements of this kind of thread decorated with: friezes, brackets, architraves, pediments of buildings a rustic country type, giving them the appearance of buildings of wooden Russian architecture.

Sculpture carving characterized by the fact that the relief image it is separated from the background (either fully or partially), and thus becomes a sculpture. This thread has long been widely used for the decoration of furniture and interiors.

a House called large-scale thread, which is mainly made of wood of coniferous breeds with the help of chisels, a saw and an axe. It is used for decoration of wooden houses. According to the technique and the nature of performance of the ship thread is divided into: body, Welt and textured.

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