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Oskolki CSCI vzhe on Prots bagatoh centuries live poruch z people, mi wajam scho znamo about them everything. However, about some way, scho Tsikh storytime tvarin, mi nawt I just don't stagedoor. Moreover, we have je Masa posilok s drive wusata I hvostatih . What we don't, zavadil nobility about CSOC? About us TSE respost Markov A. K. - the editor of portal: on yakomu wee can pregledati video-jokes about cotv.


Notatnik varanytsia Tabachnik from behind the character

TSE showed nedan study psihologu W Carroll University on Col s Professor Dent, Guastella. Vcen opital 600 students, that in process study dential yourself Yak Tabachnik ABO kottnik . Takozh I asked Obrenovac sviy choice osobisty I pass the test.

60% of agrosila scho bilshe sublet dogs, 11 % nasalise fans CSOC, and the rest said, scho m podobayutsya, I ti, I INSHI, ABO vzagali not stink sublet tvarin.

wherein the "dog lovers" viabilise people more komuntale more, I schylnymi sluwatj rules, and "Kotelniki" - nonconformity, that sublet wastewate my position I straight ahead, Ben Shilin sluwatj templates. Moreover, ostan Mali outlive more to nature than perch, and in General demonstrably more intelektu a high level of efficiency.

However,, likely, people, vibiraut domashnih vihovanec have vdovec zi svoj osobistym osoblivosti, wage Professor, Guastella. The aja yakscho person to get a dog, it won pddom ready, vihodili s on her velicu I sprchovaci z himi people. Yakscho VI and closed ABO outlive nature I waiae for better SETI the home s the book that VI will lead CSKA, AJ , not need ligulate .


CSCI may life of padini Getty

Wchen z z asuvale Jorge University, Kochi scho mozhut postijno STI not only in svoa, and in others Dom, ABO hour od hour navti, salsateca there nochuvati. Bova scho CSCO just pagatavot. Ale trapletti so, scho ti ., - INSHI gospodar perikanan, scho stink at CSCI - DIN. Yak, vinciti such srednica ? Duzhe just - yakscho Kishka Dovgy propada, do not regularly come Dodoma, nochuvati, and if z awlasa, sovsem not wyglada Besnainou ABO neopaney, not vklucheno scho Vaughn brought sobi has some gospodaru. The fact natti on vihovannya machinic s adresou himi coordinates vlasniku. sivim. Let them to bacati scho Kishka nalezyty the same to you, and not Comus Homo! Hoca, Raptor viewity on TWAIN, Yak VI was wajale sway, naszyjnik s other people's data, Ter dosit neprimena...


CSCI easy itsnot voice their gospodaru

Wchen Tokusima University gave CSKA, posluhat audio z votes RSNA people. If the animals Chuli voice of his ruler, the stench obov'yazkovo reagovali polyuvannya Vuh ABO powerchannel head, then Yak voice nieznajoma not welikala they nyako reacts. Thus, tuuci azeisky voice, but not bacaci realno lyudin, CSCI pocha was TURBOMATIC, about scho Swedia, rozshirennya snice h eyes.

In this case, chomu CSCI hour vdut scho not cuute, if h they call, I prodoljaute, salsateca on f? Slomo fault nstinct. So, m vestiva not pokazivati EmOC, in particular, prigolubit naturana: in the wild, animals prirod hvori castle pdates Naadam hijack, Oskolki, vigladit, razlivki. In total, obraztsa on divaku not Varto: TSE vsogo lachey chastina h strateg vizhivannya, stargoat professionals.


CSCI, uplyvayut positively on their health vlasnik

TSE recently asuvale vcen z z of Edinburgh. In a large-scale dozen took the fate of greater than 10,000 dobrovolcu have WC from 40 to 85 years. Viyavilos, scho Kotelnik in Serenoa on 18 - 20 % niece rizik ' parktv nsults, than have a quiet, hto vzagali not trim tvarin have yourself in the home. Stink takozh 10 % RDSA, stradaut serioznii cercavo-sodinimui horoble, than dog lovers . Hoca Ostend, sdavalsa b, more, buuut on Swamy powtr, vigorous their vihovanec...

the Bull viyavlena ​​of the I school one zakonomernosti, Yak, vaiko, poyasnite: trevally life colocs, that trimout CSOC, in serednya more, than have NSA predstavnik silno stat! Britans middle scho lived to be 85 years, 70% viability "Kotelniki".

NACO osoblivo ​​mliki then no. The words lcara-cardiologist Tamari Ogoi, when doorcan vicoveanca can zygomatic arterially tisk. Vdbase TSE zavdyaki, stationi electric scho virossa when contact lyudskogo body s wool CSCI. Ale won virossa takozh I in contact s whether yakih pokretu carinou the wool, and the axis CSCI valout sche odnu uncanny lkovalenko vlastitu. Fact, scho, kotake murkon poroju frequency of oscillations from 20 to 50 Hz, that uplyvayut at the center of zadovolennya in the human mozk I pdist Velena serotonin - so-called hormone of happiness . A TSE spree privedenny in harmony vsogo organza.


CSKA not podobala pagagawan

Hod nedavnego study, conducted britanskoy organza on Zahist CSOC Cats Protection's for dokumentalno teleperedach BBC Cat Watch 2014 , vlasnikom CSOC asked a question about those Yakima chin ti pclouds about their vihovanec I sposoby that doglyadu for them uvajaut naybilsh pravilniku. Z of asuvale scho bilshe polovini respondents Buli iteven in fact, scho pagagawan CSCI - TSE best method of comfortable ne from the stress. Tim hour, podna weasel SOSM not dostavlja saucy zadovolennya and Velika yakscho not BL, the stress I sanaatana.

Naprawd utrimannya I Dovhe pagagawan scalise for deyakih csock, - about cervenik study NC Trevorrow. - Not stink malenic pohnert people, dwellers zaspokajamy h obamama first caresses. All scho m need - TSE space and freedom .

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