What is the dry cleaning of upholstered furniture


upholstered furniture is today present in every home and in the office. Valued for its beautiful appearance and convenience. But, after a while, the upholstery of the furniture might get dirty from daily use or tarnish. In order to return your upholstered furniture to its original freshness - it must be easy to clean. But it requires skills and special knowledge. Reckless independent actions can lead to the damage of the upholstery of your furniture. That is why the best way out of this situation is to contact the professionals that are used for cleaning of furniture, modern equipment and professional cleaning products and detergents.


Cleaning upholstered furniture can be divided into 2 Islands main stage:

  • Determined the composition of the upholstery, and then selected chemical spec. means, which subsequently processes the surface of the furniture. In this step, removes: dust mites, difficult stains and pet fur;
  • On the 2nd stage with the help of professional equipment with upholstered furniture cleaning solution is removed. As a result, the furniture acquires its original appearance.

dry cleaning of furniture and office chairs - this is an extremely important job, because the purity of furniture creates excellent conditions for work and also creates a good impression for visitors and clients.

Need to note that dry cleaning of chairs is a complicated and laborious technological process that includes a number of certain procedures. On chairs accumulate a large amount of dust and it cannot be removed using conventional household cleaner. In most cases, the upholstery of office chairs very complex nature of contamination. Same subject to pollution seats in cafes, restaurants, cinemas. The same applies to upholstered furniture at home. It needs to be cleaned at the appropriate level + to carry out General cleaning of the premises. If You want to have in your house reigned order and cleanliness, then You need a deep cleaning of car seats at home. After this procedure the upholstery of Your furniture will Shine with cleanliness and freshness and stains, even difficult, there will be only a reference.

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