What are women's panties


today, women have the luxury to choose their own underwear under your size, mood, and features of the figure just for every taste and color. And, for example, our ancestors did not have this option.

Before such demand today replaced the panties knickers. And today their diversity, both amazes and scares, since it is very difficult to navigate the diverse models and not to confuse similar names and tricky. In this article we will examine a variation on the panties, as well as their features. And tell us about this Afanasiev A. K. - employee of the online store: http://lubimoy.com.ua in which you can purchase for any occasion.


Types of women's panties

Initially, you need to mention the fact that the whole world different models of underwear can be divided into 3 large groups. It briefs:

  • Maxi;
  • MIDI;
  • mini.

They are so called depending on the openness of the neckline in them. In the 1st group are closed linen, whose waist line is often omitted on hip, mini is the most open model, and the MIDI is somewhere in between.


Classification panties mini

It would be very easy, if it was the whole classification. But manufacturers make various models of women's panties for the daring and modest girls, young ladies and serious buyers, slim women and owners of luxury forms. Therefore, we need to mention other types of lingerie. For example, in the 3rd group includes panties that are called Vicini (not bikini!). In such an apparatus front deep V, and side band very high up.

the 2nd kind is sufficiently known to all the thongs, that share another 4-d types:

  • those g-strings;
  • g-string;
  • C-string;
  • e-string.

anyway a string is a model in which the rear there is a narrow fabric tape or strip, and the front - triangle of cloth.

1-by the sight of female underwear panties are Thong, which partially combines the silhouettes of a Thong and bikini.

To the panties mini also still include models such as the bikini and Dewan-derer. The latter are the product that are of the most courageous girls, because they are the most and narrowed front and rear. And here at bikini combines a low elastic waistband that lies almost on the hips, with the tiny cloth triangles of cloth in front and back that cover women's private parts.

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