What age to teach a child a foreign language?


learning a foreign language is not a feature, but the norm for the modern person. With whom does of best age to learn a foreign language, not to hurt the baby and get a positive result? Today, no one there no doubt needs to explore other, non-mother tongue languages at any age. By the way, if you are interested in more information you can visit the website: http://online.yescompany.ru/.

But what age is best to start this process?

the opinions of psychologists on this issue are quite different.

  • Some believe that to learn a foreign language it is necessary from birth. In this period, the child listens to sounds and learns the knowledge of not only native but also foreign language. In addition, a large number of studies have repeatedly shown that those children who from a young age taught the language of another country, better learn their native language. After all, at the early age of 3 years the child has good ability to absorb, perceive and imitate.
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  • however, Other psychologists say that the most good age to start learning a foreign language is 4-5 years, when the baby is already quite fluent in their native language. But it is very important do not forget that every child is in the process of formation of the native language may vary in time. Some children and 2 years able to communicate fluently in their native language and some in 4 not pronounce all the letters. Therefore, it is very important to take into account the individual development of the child.
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  • yet Another statement, which is also need to pay attention is what the child should learn a foreign language with parallel studying of the native language. Proponents of this view believe that the child is in the initial stage of learning a language as open as possible to the perception of new material. It ready to absorb all that he sees and hears, and then it's all repeated.

In the end, whichever of the above you choose, remember that every child is characterized by individual learning pace. One child can learn 20 words a day, and the other only 2-3. The main thing is not to overload and not to make a baby, and be interested in foreign languages in a playful way.

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